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Complaint: 6/27/08 Friend ordered a 80cc motorized bicycle kit from Zoombicycles.com for me as a birthday present. 7/3/08 Received kit from Zoombicycles.com 7/4/08 to 7/6/08 Worked on bicycle with a licensed mechanic and found out motor is DOA. Emailed them immediately. 7/7/08 Got a call from Zoombicycles, saying they will see if there’re any other suggestions on how to fix the motor before sending it back. 7/9/08 to 7/20/08 Called and emailed multiple times without hearing back anything. 7/21/08 Finally got a reply saying I need to ship it back. They will test and send out a new motor if they determine it’s dead. I gotta pay for shipping. 7/22/08 Personally paid for the product to be shipped back to Zoombicycle.com. Sent via UPS, emailed tracking number to ZoomBicycles. No replies from them. 7/25/08 Packaged received, signed by JHON. 7/28/08 up to 9/11/08 No emails, no phone calls, no status updates, no info what so ever from Zoombicycles.com. Emailed them for updates. Finally got a call from John stating he’ll look into the returned package. Called me later to say the package probably was received by a neighboring warehouse. 9/15/08 John from Zoombicycles.com sent out a new replacement motor to me. 9/18/08 Package shipped by UPS has been received. Initially tested the motor but apparently same problem that the motor is DOA. 9/27/08 Licensed mechanic worked on the motor, confirms new motor is also broken. 9/29/08 up to today. Contacted Zoombicycles.com but no responses. Antang San Bruno, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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Address: 7678 Winston Street Burnaby, British Columbia Canada


Phone: 877-565-6888

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