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Having sent you my iphone 4s in its original box & full accessory on the price quoted I then find they want to offer me less that 50% of the quoted price. I have an option to decline. Which I do and ask for my goods to be returned. Having waited several weeks I then receive only my phone without the box, charger, or any other accessory. When I chase them up on it no reply. When left with no choice but show it on social media I receive this reply: ” if a price is not accepted and the item is to be returned any packaging, bags, covers, cases or accessories that were sent with the item cannot be returned as all these items are recycled as soon as the item arrives with us” This is against the law. As any goods which I have not accepted their revised offer on still belong to me and they have no permission to have “recycled them” until such time that I approve of their offer or in this case declined. My goods need to be returned as received by.Zoomfish, as this is now tampering with my goods and am left out of pocket as I will not be able to use or sell my product. How can it be right in any law to have tampered with someones property when it does not belong to you!

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