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Our perfect visit to Costa Rica ruined by one person! nA couple of weeks our group (3 persons) booked the boat taxi service from Montezuma to Jaco Beach with the company Cocozuma Traveller. To our surprise, an Italian who was identified as Ivan Rutter ZumaTours owner, approached us on the beach asking us our tickets, they were given, Ivan immediately told a series of lies: that Cocozuma Traveller was a fake company, that they do not existed, that we had been scammed. That what we had to do was pay again but to Ivan, to ZumaTours if we were to take any boat. Because of its great capacity to convince and we were very frightened by this situation we agreed to pay to Ivan again for a service we all ready pay. nTo our surprise once we were at the ZumaTours boat, away from the beach we saw the Cocozuma Traveller Boat heading towards the beach, company which according to this big liar and con man told us do not exist. nWe could not externalize our discomfort and claim anyone once we arrived to Jaco Beach as all Zuma Tours personnel disappear. In the center of Jaco we went looking for ZumaTours office and surprise! they have no office in Jaco. nWe did found Cocozuma Traveller office, we tried to explain our situation and the receptionist was not surprised, he mention Ivans been doing this lately, as he is not capable to handle a good competition. nThat we were just another victims of the lies and deceptions of Ivan Rutter Montezumas con man! nI hope this report will help others to not let this professional thieve ruin your vacation.

Montezuma Costa Rica Montezuma, Select State/Province United States of America

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